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I can code a range of legacy stacks and modern stacks from almost a decade of experience:

Daring to make coding faster with the newest modern solutions:
Handlebars, GraphQL,Next JS, AWS

Gamified Knowledge 

Learn code with games.
Type it. Rearrange it.

E-Commerce Backend Template 

Developer Tool - Backend Template of MySQL and REST API endpoints.
Quickly setup the backend for e-commerce apps (web, mobile, desktop).

Quiz via Google Sheets 

Rapid Developer Tool
Database-free rapid development with Google Sheets API.
Create quizzes from spreadsheets - Multiple choice, truth/false, fill in the blank...

Train for a marathon 

Mobile Web App for Running on the Fly

Track favorite Youtube channels

Web / Mobile / Desktop to track the latest videos. Shuffle all a channel's videos

Daily scraper of Covid cases

Web / Data Science



Freelance Full-Stack Web Developer

Innovatively combined new technologies with old technologies as the business requirements require it including Cloud and AI.


Senior Tutor - EdX Coding Bootcamps

Helped coding bootcamp students understand full stack web development, nationwide and internationally in hour-long Zoom calls and Slack ticket system. Covered MERN stack (Mongo, Express, React, NodeJS) and MySql, GraphQL, Handlebars, JSON Web Token, React state management.


Web API Developer, Web Internal Tools Developer - ExRx

Developed API service for workout apps to subscribe to. Spearheaded the internal tool to manage the exercises. Led and onboarded interns joining the team. Now workout companies are subscribed to ExRx's API to access exercise information.

2015-2017, 2022

Web Backend Developer and iOS Developer - Mixotype.

Translated Excel formulas and spreadsheets into API routes for their web and mobile algorithms to determine similar users. Created API routes for frontend and connected them to MySQL database. For iOS, continued project from previous developer, implementing new screens, and spearheaded a transition to SwiftUI.

Web Backend Developer - Vibee.tv

Initiated a live custom messages on a music video website that's pipelined between a virtual green screen and XSplit. In 2023, the original code is still being used and built on top of.


Wordpress Developer - People's  Care

- Worked with an agency that staffed various healthcare facilities. Integrated Google Maps API into their Wordpress website's job search that dropped pins with information popups. Recruiters wanted to continue tracking with Excel spreadsheet but also wanted an easy sync from Excel spreadsheet to the job search website, so created an internal app to upload Excel spreadsheets that sync to a MySQL database, with full validation, so can manage job requisitions and applicants appearing on the job search engine.

- Later a new HR director joined the team and recommended Jazz HR API. Built out forms that work with the Jazz HR API.

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Ask about the technological stack and APIs you will need for your businesses.



Ask for help on a particular new technology you or your team is not familiar with.



Build your website, whether it's frontend, full-stack, needs a database, needs cloud...

Hi, I'm Weng Fei Fung (Just call me Weng)

Hi, I'm Weng


I'm a full-stack developer with several years of freelancing and teaching, specializing in React, Express, Javascript, jQuery, with databases Mongoand MySQL, and with backend technologies PHPand NodeJS. I've worked with startups and companies such as Mixotype, ExRx and People's Care, and am consulted for innovative problem-solving. My strengths include Javascript, React, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, Express JS, and Node. See📍client testimonials.


Familiarity with multiple coding languages helps me provide unique business and tech solutions.

  • PHP and React: I have innovatively combined PHP and htaccess with React in my portfolio to streamline development.
  • Cloud Solutions: I have used both AWS Services and Google Cloud. For Google Cloud, I used Google Functions to integrate external API data into the Firebase when creating or updating into the database (a combination of NodeJS Google Cloud SDK and axios). For AWS, I used S3 bucket with public read permissions on a React form for image uploading (combination of AWS S3, Multer, React, Express).

Sharing my passion of programming

I share my passion via bootcamps, youtube, and electronic publishing. I have a certificate for MERN web development at UCLA, having achieved🌟 top marks. Before the bootcamp I freelanced with the Javascript-jQuery-PHP-MySQL tech stack which I self-learned. After certification, I've tutored EdX coding students on the MERN stack, Handlebars, jQuery, MySQL/Sequelize, GraphQL, and React State management (Context, Reducers, Redux, Redux Toolkit). I'm a senior tutor for coding bootcamps at universities nationwide and internationally via EdX. Check out👨🏻‍🏫 student reviews. In addition to sharing my passion with future generations of programmers through bootcamps, I also made tutorials at@WayneTeachesCode. See my📄 coding snippets and guidesin a gamified knowledge app.


In the future, I aim to take an entrepreneurial role developing innovative healthcare software solutions leveraging my technical knowledge and prior healthcare background. I stay updated in the healthcare industry which is why I continue working as a registered nurse periodically at a staffing agency on the weekends. For entrepreneurship and management, I broadened my skills by completing a Project Management course at UC Berkeley in December 2022. My mantra is continuous growth. At the moment I want to transition out of contracts and freelancing and move into a career pathway towards management.

I see that a lot of AI apps are coming out in the market so I took courses and obtained certificates in Pythonand AI Applications and Prompt Engineering.

I code almost everyday contributing to the GitHub community:



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